Friday, March 27, 2015

Amazon Cloud Service

Get ready for this. Amazon is offering a very low priced Cloud Drive service. And the limit is, are you sitting down? No Limit.

No Limit! 

One for unlimited photo storage plus 5 GB of other file types (docs, vids) - 12 months for $11.99.

The other package is priced at $59.99 per year and is unlimited everything.

I chose the $11.99 Photo only unlimited package. 5 GB of doc storage is a huge amount for me. Even with moving over older saved files from 10+ years of saving digitally, I only used about 800 MB of that storage. If I were heavy into videos, tho, I would have to upgrade to the $59.99 a year plan. Videos are classed on this service as a document other than photo. Still a very small price to pay.

I have Gigs and gigs worth of photo files. I fill up all sorts of storage devices (currently portable hard drives, used to burn CDs and DVDs). So, having the option to upload every single image I have is very nice. Previous brands had limits which can come up pretty quick with today's new high megapixel cameras and large files from image manipulation software files.

It's not a painless solution, tho. Depending on your upload speed, it can take a long time upload everything. I'm talking days with a high speed cable connection. (Remember, your upload speeds are typically much slower than your download speeds.)

Once it's all transferred over, it will be a simple matter of uploading as needed.

Security concerns may be an issue for some, but I figure Amazon has as good a reputation as anybody else.

Check it out for free for 3 months.


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