Starting Out

Welcome to Marnie's Coupon-a-ram-a!! We are a FREE blog! It is owned by Marnie (me) and my husband (Steve) We refer ourselves as Mr and Mrs Coupon-a-ram-a. We designed the blog as an easy tool to couponing and to help ones learn where and how to save. We want everyone to have fun while saving!!

Our goal is to make coupon searching easy.  We like to focus mostly on the necessities, like bread, milk, toothpaste etc.  I also have links set up, to where you can just "click here" and then you can quickly go to that link. We like to share recipes and tips on variety of subjects.  You always welcome to email with pictures of deals or tips that work for you.

This page is designed so you can search databases for coupons.  Most likely, if you cannot find the brand you are looking for, there probably isn't a coupon for that, but you can check the actual product official site and get coupons.

This page is for the deals I find that not advertised in flyers.  I cover as many stores as I can and update as often as I can. Feel free to check back as often as you like.  You can also print the page and take it with you on your shopping trips.

This page shows you the schedule for inserts and where to find a list of the upcoming coupons.

I have tried many different systems and this is the one that works for me. Many like to use binders, envelopes or boxes. Any system works because it works for you! 

 I put the box in the bag!
My flyers are in a plastic

It is a good idea to print out store policies, read over them and have them with you when you shop. Just in case.  Policies change from time to time. To see all Policies-click here! All the grocery links are on this page also, but I like to post those links with store matchups.

Anywhere!! Newspapers, magazines, tear pads at stores and you can ask friends.  At Homeland they have a coupon machine in the front of their store. You can order (not a free magazine) Allyou magazine and they have lots of coupons in the magazine.  But most of all you can print them RIGHT from the Blog.  Check out our Print Coupons HERE page. All these coupons are free.  And in the OTHER COUPON SITES page you will find links to FREE coupons from different companies!!


Here's a small list of coupon lingo you will find on this site. These are the basic lingo abbreviations.  You will find on this site that I have created some of my own  Lingo. I have a list of Marnie's Coupon-a-ram-a lingo.  I hope this helps you to understand the coupon language better.

$1/2 10/2 GM DND x12/30
-Example: Price off & Amount, Date of the insert, Insert Name, Do not double and Expiration date

GM-General Mills
PG-Proctor & Gamble
RP-Red Plum
SS-Smart Source
IP-Internet coupon
Q-Manufacturer Coupon
DND-Do not double
BOGO-Buy one get one free
BOG2-Buy two get one free ect. ect
OOP-Out of Pocket

RR-Register Rewards-Walgreens
ECB-Extra Care Buck Rewards-CVS Pharmacy
SR-Staples Rewards
IFC-In the flyer coupon (walgreens)
Wags Book-Walgreens Savings Book (comes out monthly)

MIR-Mail in Rebates
TMF-Try me Free after Rebates
FAR-Free after Rebate
CRT-Cash Register Tape
OCR-Original Cash Receipt
Peelie-Coupon that is on an item you peel off
Tear Pad-Coupon found on a pad next to product at store

Marnie's Coupon-a-ram-a lingo

TWC-Target Web Coupon
HSC-Homeland In-store Coupon
SFC-Sunflower Market In-store Coupon
WFC-Whole Foods In-store Coupon

Here's a little about Register Rewards and Extra Care bucks.  I tend to shop more at CVS then at Walgreen's.

You do not need to sign up or have a card to take advantage of the Walgreen's Register Rewards (RR) Program.  Basically, they will pay you to shop by giving you a print out of a coupon (when you buy a product that is on part of their RR promotional deal) at the end of your shopping transaction to use on your next purchase.

Here is an example of a transaction. (this deal is not real.  I am making it up for training purposes)

Buy a Schick Hydro Razor-1ct for $8.79
You use $5/1 coupon
Stack with $1/1 Walgreen's Booklet
Makes the total: $2.79 OOP-(out of pocket money expense you need to pay) BUT at the end of your transaction they will give you $3 in RR making the total FREE + MM (Money Maker) for this product!

To make the deal sweeter you want to "ROLL" those RR's on your next shopping trip. This is where there are differences then when you are using the EB's. 

For example:
$3.99 Dial Lotion
Use a $1/1 Coupon
Making the OOP: $2.99
Use RR $3 from the Gillette (You can use the RR from last shopping trip AS LONG AS the product that the RR generated it is not from the same manufacturer)
You earned $3 in RR which makes the item FREE after the RR!

  • You can use a Walgreen's Booklet coupon and a manufacturer coupon in one transaction.
  • You should have more items then coupons.  Say with the above deal, You have one item, but two coupons, so you will need to buy another item. I usually throw in a Laffy taffy for $.10.
  • Sometimes you will get a print out of a coupon from the register that is a manufacturer coupon.  It is not to be stacked with another manufacturer coupon.
  • In store flyer Coupons ARE considered an In store Coupon.  It cannot be stacked with the Walgreen's Booklet coupons.
  • RR are used only in the stores.
  • Your RR will not cover tax.  If the register beeps just throw in another taffy.  The amount of RR must be equal to or more than the tax.
  • When you start out be aware you will be putting more OOP expense until you start to roll your RR rewards. 
  • You will find your RR promotional sales in the Weekly flyer.  They will show you which items receive RR. (Sometimes they show in their ad a  manufacturer coupon instead of a RR.  It can be confusing.  So just double check if the ad)   
  • Walgreen's has a new system called Balance Rewards.  You can earn points when you buy certain products.  You can use them when you have reached 1,000 pionts=$1. or you can collect as many as you want.  I do not use this system much since it seems to be quite difficult.  But if you are interested check out 

CVS Coupon Policy

The loyalty program at CVS is called "Extra Care Bucks'" ECB for short, I use EB.  Basically they will pay you to shop by giving you a print out of a coupon at the end of your shopping transaction to use on your next purchase. 
Here is an example of a transaction: 
(this is not a real transaction.  It is made up for training purposes only!)
Buy a Schick Hydro Razor-1ct for $8.79
Use $5/1 (q) coupon & (if there is a CVS coupon) 
Stack with $3.00 CVS coupon
Makes the total: $.79 OOP-(out of pocket money expense you need to pay) BUT at the end of your transaction they will give you $3 in EB making the total $2.21 Money Maker for this product after the EB!

To make the deal sweeter you want to "ROLL" those EB'S on your next shopping trip. 

For example:
$3.99 Dial Lotion
Use a $1/1 Coupon
Making the OOP: $2.99
Use your $3 from last weeks shopping trip
You earned $3 in EB for the Dial Lotion making the item FREE and you have $3 for your next trip!

So the trick is to ROLL ECB's with ECB's and you receive a lot of free stuff!
  • You can use the RED BOX coupons and stack with Manufacturer coupons.  This also will be the cost down on certain items.
  • Be sure to sign up to receive your Extra Care Card.
  • There are exceptions, you cannot use your EB for tobacco, gift cards, money orders, lottery, prescriptions, postage stamps, alcohol or prepaid cards
  • You can stack a CVS coupon with a manufacturer coupon when using your EB rewards.
  • The total of  eligible for your rewards is calculated before coupons are applied
  • You can use as many EB as the computer allows
  • You can earn  EB on amount you spend in a quarter (3month period)
  • EB are earned in store only 
  • When you start out be aware you will be putting more OOP expense until you start to roll your EB rewards.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at  I will be glad to assist in any way I can.

I hope you benefit from the blog.  If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave comments or email me at!