Saturday, September 3, 2011


Because there is a Holiday on Monday, there will be no inserts this week.  Yeah! A little break. We could take some time and clean out our old coupons and maybe even organize them. Yikes!!  Here's a little show of what I do to organize!
First, I organize all my coupons into category's. I use envelopes and each category is labeled.

I have two notebooks.  The blue notebook is for all the coupon policies and my lists for each store.  The flower one is all the Flyer's.  (I had to separate due to heath issues, you can combine both of these into one notebook if you like)

When I go to the store I just take this one in.  It has my grocery list, the flyer, my coupons and the coupon policy. Yeah, I am ready to shop!!!! (of course a pen and calculator)

I do take my coupon tub with me in a bag, just in case I see a sale that I don't want to miss, but if you don't want to lug it around, just write down the sale and you can always go back.  Mostly, you can find in store prices that are awesome and can get it the next time you shop.  And remember that things go on sale all the time.  So if you miss something, just hold out for the next sale!!!! 

Happy Organizing!!
Marnie Ann

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