Saturday, June 21, 2014

Let's talk hobbies and recreation

We look for ways to save money in other areas of life, too, not just shopping and couponing.

Even in things like trips and vacations, entertainment, education, and our cherished hobbies.

Some fun hobbies are camping, hiking, and fishing. There are ways to save money there, too.

First off, we can get our gear for our hobbies at a discount (yeah, this is shopping). Places like Academy sell outdoor equipment at a huge discount. And it's usually slightly better stuff than what we find at Walmart or Target. Don't forget garage sales!

Second, we can plan our activities at times when there are discounts or freebies. Like the several days during the year when different national and state parks have free entry. These days can be crowded, tho, so that's not for everyone.

THird, how about pooling resources with others. Want to travel to a great outdoor destination? See if your friends who also love those places want to plan a trip with you. Gas savings can really add up with gas being $4 a gallon. Renting a larger cabin costs more than renting for your own family, but if their are enough rooms and space, you can split costs with others and your net outlay is less, sometimes substantially less.

Combine vacations. Want to go to a major West coast city? Are you also thinking about a moutainside resort? You have to do some work here, phone calls, online searches,etc... to coordinate properly, but what stops us from booking 4 days in San FRansisco and then renting a car to drive up to Idlewild? It can be done, planning is essential. Satisfy your vacation and hobbies. Shop, hike, fish, camp...

THis is really just us thinking outloud. You'll come up with your ideas. Saving money sometimes takes a little extra time, effort, and thought. But, it's worth it when we can satisfy our wants while better taking care of our needs.


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