Wednesday, May 28, 2014

News 9 Weather Team at Homeland

Went to our local Homeland today to do my product photography, Marnie Ann to get some blogging info, and also do a little bit of shopping.

When we got there, we noticed something a little different about the entrance.

The News9 Weather Team (KWTV) was there doing an in store promo. Personally, I just love these promos. Whether it's at a store, park, state fair, whatever, it's a great way to meet the people you see on your TV set every day. Today, they were promoting weather radios and their phone apps.

I like to greet everyone and see who seems talkative that day. This particular team is made up of some very personable people. Their on air personality is pretty much the personality they show in person. A person has to love that type of job to stay in it, and this team obviously loves what they do.

We met David Payne, Jed Castles, Justin Rudicel, Matt Mahler, and chopper pilot Jim Gardner, as well as some support staff.

Marnie Ann surprised David Payne with her shopping savings. She told him how it's not just coupons, but a lot of different strategies used all together that can sometimes save over 90% at various stores. He was truly impressed. "You got $20 worth of stuff at CVS for $1.32?! Wow!"

I talked a little bit with Matt Mahler about weather events we've been in. He was very interested in the hurricane eyes I've experienced. He really wants to cover a hurricane event. I hope he gets the chance.

Here is the hardest working man in show business:

He was amused I took his picture, since he is always the photographer, never the subject.

I watched them interact with the public as I was working and I must say, they are very personable. A nice, friendly group, on air people and support staff. The kids seem to really enjoy seeing the on-air personalities, and a couple of them were really cute about how awesome Jim Gardner, the chopper pilot is.

Before we left, they gave us some freebies and some signed photos:

Thanks, Homeland, and the News9 Weather Team! That was fun!

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