Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Trip to Edmond Vitamin Cottage

Finally able to get out to the new Vitamin Cottage / Natural Grocers in Edmond, OK.

First thing we saw as we came in was a cart of discounted veggies. Habaneros for way less than regular price, some golden peppers (like green peppers), and lots of carrots.

 They seem to be pushing the Natural Grocers name...

A lot of  natural produce and some alternatives to regular grocery items. All for far less than a place like Akins or even Whole Foods.

And now for one of the two main reasons we love Vitamin Cottage: Bulk Foods. Natural, fresh, and at very reasonable prices.

Here is the second reason: Vitamins, Health Supplements, and Homeopathic Remedies. Again, at pricing that we haven't seen in OKC until these last couple of years.

In addition, there are always a good selection of health related books, interesting specialty items, and a test kitchen. Sign up for their newsletter to get advanced notice of special events.

As we go to the check out area, a word about coupons at Vitamin Cottage. You won't be able to use a lot of coupons here. Simply because many of the items available have no coupons. They do accept coupons, and they have an in store coupon book (which you have to be quick at the draw to snatch one up). We will add their coupon policy to our links. 

But, it's the regular pricing for these natural and specialty items that makes shopping here so desireable. Seriously, Akins is over priced, Whole Foods markets to what I call a "Snob Appeal" segment and is also somewhat over priced (tho far better than Akins). With new stores now in (or coming) to OKC, we now have many options for grocery shopping, regardless of our specialty needs or different tastes. 

Look for upcoming posts about Uptown Grocery, Sprouts, Homeland's natural and bulk items, and grand openings of new stores in NW OKC. We also have Costco coming to the NW side, and a possible Trader Joe's announcement.

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