Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Fishing Funnies

Mr & Mrs Arama are looking forward to some fishing as the weather turns moderate in a few weeks. 

Ya gotta catch me first!

In the Plains States and South, many drought or near drought condition lakes have a fairly unique situation happening. Low water levels allowed grass, weeds, and reeds to grow well out into little inlets and coves. Now that lake levels are reaching normal, these have filled back up with water. That means lots of fish will be getting big and fat in these areas as they feed on the abundance of bugs this brings.

Yes, you are likely to get some snags. So, instead of using lures, use the tried and true method of baiting hooks and using a float. The occasional annoyance of having to cut your line is more than made up for by the awesome fish available.

Of course, some places were so dry that the exposed lake bed was as arid looking as the surface of Arrakis. Hopefully, those lakes will heal soon, now that many of them are finally getting some water.

Scroll down for some fun internet fishing cartoons I found.


Lil' Bear and Paw fishing

Even in Russia

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