Wednesday, October 9, 2013


 A few things I got at Aldi.
Total Cost: $4.60 + tax

Here's a list of prices from Aldi. I am still working on getting more prices for you. These prices are for the OKC area.  I shop at the Aldi at Penn and Memorial. The store at NWE and Rockwell
have a little more things on stock.

The * means my lowest price and fave deals
This list will be updated from time to time.  So keep checking back for more deals!!

Click Here's to see the list:
(list updated last: 03/18/14)

$1.89 Sugar 4lb*
$2.49 Baking Cocoa 8oz*
$2.39 Vegetable Oil 48oz*
$2.59-2.69 Canola oil 48oz*
$1.29 Bag of Coconut* 14oz
$1.19 Powder sugar 2lb
$1.19 Brown Sugar 2lb
$1.79 Pancake syrup 24oz
$.99 Spices and Seasonings 1oz
$.49 Baking Soda* 16oz 
$.99 Baking Powder 8.1oz
$2.49 Pure Cocoa 8oz* (soy and gluten free)
$1.99 Splenda 100ct
$.99-1.29 Assorted Cake Mixes
$1.79 Chocolate chip morsels, butterscotch or white 12oz*
$.35 Taco Mix (has soy and wheat)
$2.29 Oats 42oz

$1.35 Coke products 2 liter
$3.99 Coffee whole bean or ground 12oz
$1.19 Coffee Filters 200ct* (best deal in town)
$2.29 Powdered Creamer 10.5oz

$2.50 Fresh Corn Tortillis 80ct*

(I tried the Green beans and they are great!)
$.65 Blackeye beans 15.5 oz
$.59 Black or Kidney beans 15.5oz
$.49 Pork N Beans 15.5oz
$1.39 Baked Beans 28oz
$.79 Lima Beans 15.5oz
$.55 Steamed Tomatoes 14.5oz*
$.59 Diced Tomatoes 14.5oz*
$.39 Tomato Paste 
$.49 French or Cut Green Beans 14.5*
$.55 Peas 14.5 oz*
$.49 Corn 14.5oz*
$.99 3 Bean 14.5oz
$.65 Carrots 14.5oz*
$.79 Refried Beans 16oz* (no soy or wheat!)
$.69 Chilies 4oz*
$.59 Ravioli
$1.69 Salsa 32oz
$.59 Diced Tomatoes with Chilies 10oz
$.69  Tuna in Water 5oz* (better than the sales!) 
$.79 Condensed Soups assorted 10.5oz
$1.99 Strawberry Persevers 18oz*

$1.99-2.29 Assorted Boxes 12-14 oz
$1.79 Corn or Rice Chex 
$2.79 Poptarts 12ct
$1.99 Off brand Poptarts 12 ct

$.69 Mustard 14oz*
$1.49 Ketchup 40oz*
$1.39 Assorted Salad Dressings 16oz
$1.29-1.69 Assorted Pickles 16oz

$2.69 Gallon of Milk!*
$1.39 Half Gallon of Milk*
$2.29 Hazelnut Creamer 32oz*
$1.29 Cream Cheese 8oz*
$2.29  Real Butter 1lb*
$1.99 Original Creamer 32oz* 
$1.59 Dozen Eggs* 
$1.99 Brick Cheese 8oz

$.99 Peas
$.89 Spaghetti Noodles Wheat
$1.49 Lasagna noodles*
$.39 Mac and Cheese 7.25 oz*
$2.29 Great Northern Beans 32oz

$3.69-$3.89 Bacon 16oz
$2.19 Turkey Bacon 16oz
$1.69 Ground frozen Turkey Meat-1 lb*
$1.19 lb All natural Chicken thighs and legs*
$.95 lb All Natural Whole Chicken*
$2.39 All Natural Pork Chops
$2.99 All Natural Ground Meat 80/20
$4.29 Chicken leg quarters-frozen 80oz
$3.75 Chicken Drumsticks-frozen 40oz

$4.99 Trash bags no string 80ct
$4.99 Trash bags string 45ct
$1.49 Plastic Wrap 200 ft
$1.19 Tissues 184 ct*
$.69 each Roll of paper towels
$2.49 Toilet Paper 4 rolls (421 sq ft 1ply)
$6.99 Toilet Paper 18 rolls (600 sq ft 2ply)
$4.99 Toilet Paper 12 Double (322 sq ft 2ply)
$1.19 200 ct Coffee Filters* 

(this section prices will vary)
$.99 Head of Lettuce*
$.49 Baby Carrots*
$.25 each Lemons*
$1.19 Carrots 2lb*
$1.39 Tomatoes on the Vine-1lb!!*
$1.79 Cherry tomatoes 10oz 
$.59 each Avocados* 
$1.79 each Pineapple*
$1.89 Onions 3lb*
$3.50 Russet Potatoes 10lb *
$1.69 Red Onions 3lb

$1.49 Potato Chips 10.5 oz (this product has soy)*
$1.19 Tortilla Chips 13oz (this product contains soy)*
$2.89 Beef Jerky 6oz
$2.99 Slim Jims
$.99 Saltine Crackers 16oz
$1.49 Graham Crackers 14.4oz
$.99 Corn Chips 9.25oz
$1.25 Triscuits type crackers 9.5 oz*
$1.69 Granola Bars 10ct
$1.89 Oats and Honey bars 12ct

A Few Shopping tips
Be sure to bring your own bags.
They do have boxes you can use for free.
You have to pay a quarter for the cart,
but if you return it you get your money back!! 

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