Thursday, June 12, 2014


I had to go to Sam's Club to pick up some prints, so we decided to shop a bit.

It was a good day to get some samples, as about 15 or so carts were set up from vendors. Old fashioned vanilla ice cream, baked salmon, applewood smoked bacon, gluten and soy free chocolate chip cookies, and some other things... Yummy! We'll come back for the cookies.

Also saw some good deals on other items.

Here are a couple of grills. One is all snazzy and Star Trek looking, the other is a 3 way combo. Charcoal, stove top, and regular gas flame grill.


 Here is a good deal on chicken breasts:
How about some Squirrel Brand almond butter? We like this because it helps our pet Skwirley make a decent living.

And here is an unbelievable deal on an excellent Nikon mirrorless interchangeable lens digital camera. It's the Nikon 1 S1 two lens kit. Originally $899, now being cleared out at $299.81! If this camera sounds like something you would enjoy, this price is simply amazing.   Read the review on dpreview for an idea of what this camera is.

You do have to be careful not to buy things just because they are at SAM'S or COSTCO. Sometimes, you can get better deals by couponing the sales at a regular grocery store. So, go in knowing what your expected prices are for certain items and pay close attention to the per unit prices. When you do find a good deal at a box store, it's often a great deal!


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