Thursday, March 27, 2014

HOW TO SHOP WITHOUT COUPONS and still save money!!

"I would love to use coupons, but I don't have the time or a printer.  Besides I an not an organized person and I have no idea how to get started."

Many of us can relate to this.  I know the TIME factor falls into play for me.  But you may wonder, "Can you shop without using coupons?"

Yes!!  Here are a few tips I have found:
  • Write everything down on paper that you buy in a week. Be sure to write down the amount, brand name of an items you buy.  (do not skip this step. This will give you the direction you need to go)
  • Inventory your pantry.  Make a inventory. (If you have a good memory, just take note of it)  Be sure to rotate food items to save on money so you don't have items that will get outdated and then you have to throw it away. I have a magnet board on my fridge and I right down the items I am going to need within a month or so, so I can incorrporate it into my budget.  It keeps me from buying unnecessary items at a large cost.
  • Price Match-There are many stores that will pricematch.  Walmart, Target, Toysaurus and Staples all do pricematches here in OKC.
  • Shop at discounted stores like Big Lots (olive oil is the cheapest there)  Aldi's (great prices and the brands are excellent) or Dollar store (we get our Syrup, Marshmellows and Cocoa there)
  • Buying in Bulk is not always necessary the best deals you can get. (We love to pick up waffles or meat at Sam's) So be sure to compare prices. Buying items in bulk can be wasteful and instead of saving, you can be losing money.
There you have it.  You can do it!  At first it will take a little time, but I guarantee you, it is worth it!!!!

Happy Savings!!
Marnie Ann

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