Monday, February 17, 2014

Cheapest TP in town!

REprinted by reader request:

...The other place was an interesting store. 

It's a discount/resale/thrift store connected to Clark's Wholesale Paints. Outside, it has an old Rexal Drug sign. Besides knit caps and winter gloves for $2.00, they had new tools at huge discounts, used furniture, Route 66 memorabilia, and very good prices on latex paint. Lots of other thing, too. Used, new, resale...

One amazing deal we saw there: toilet paper $0.25 per roll, any quantity. A variety of brands. Some of it is in packages, some of it loose. It's all good condition, no water damage or anything like that. Brand new and ultra cheap!

Check them out!

Clark's Wholesale Paints
410 N Rockwell
OKC OK 73127
(405) 787-8100

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